Enhance ENP 7660B Pro is a custom 600w Flex ATX power supply developed by SFFTEC. This powerful 80+ Platinum PSU is manufactured and customized by Enhance with a quiet fan, black short cables, and dark body. It fits neatly in most SFF PC cases, and will have a very limited stock


Product warranty: 180 days




High quality/Innovative: Manufactured and customized by Enhance (safety approved), dark painted body

Powerful/Silent: 600w 80+ Platinum, quiet 40mm fan (about 20dB noise until 480w power usage)

Compact: Less than 0,5L volume, fits in most SFF PC cases, shortened black cable set (clean and easy cable management)

Widely tested: Hundreds of units shipped worldwide, developed since 2018, multiple reviews available online

And more...



Model: ENP 7660B Platinum Series

Power: 600w

Dimension: 150mm(L) * 81.5mm(W) * 40.5mm(H)

On/Off Switches: None

PFC: Active

Fan Size: 40mm (exhaust)

Efficiency: 92% @ 50% loading (80+ Platinum)

Hold-up Time: 16ms @ 75% loading

Safety: CE/FCC/UL/Nemkoo CB/CCC

Protection: OPP/OVP/OCP/OTP/UVP/SCP/No Load Operation


Cables: 1* 20/24pin (250mm), 1* 4+4pin (350mm), 2* 6+2pin PCI Express (250mm + 50mm), 2* SATA (200mm + 100mm)

Customizations (made by Enhance – Safety approved): quiet fan, black shortened cables, dark painted body


Fan Noise and Voltage: ~20dB (@1m distance) and 3.5V until 480w output power; From 480-600w, it ramps up to ~35dB (@1m distance) and 8V

Fan Model: AD0412XB-C51


Input: 100V-240V (voltage); 60/50Hz (frequency); 8A-4A (current)

Output: 600w; 15A (+3.3V); 15A (+5V); 50A (+12V); 0.3A (-12V); 2.5A (5VSB)

DC Voltage Regulation: ±5% (+3.3V, +5V, +12V, 5VSB); ±10% (-12V)


Weight: ~1200g (2.6lb)


What's included: Enhance ENP 7660B Pro custom power supply

Does not include power cord!


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Enhance ENP 7660B Pro (Limited Edition)

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We've been absent since mid 2020, but will be back now with regular updates.

Z-CASES got discontinued from SFFTEC in early 2021. For that reason, related orders were being refused since then.
Website is now updated accordingly, with some other changes.

The few pending orders from 1st batch will be contacted in the next 6 weeks.
We deeply apologize again for the situation, more info will be provided soon. If any questions, email us at sfftec@gmail.com