Enhance ENP 7660B Pro is a custom 600w Flex ATX power supply developed by SFFTEC. This powerful 80+ Platinum PSU is manufactured and customized by Enhance with a quiet fan, black short cables, and dark body. It fits neatly in most SFF PC cases, and will have a very limited stock


Product warranty: 180 days




High quality/Innovative: Manufactured and customized by Enhance (safety approved), dark painted body

Powerful/Silent: 600w 80+ Platinum, quiet 40mm fan (about 20dB noise until 480w power usage)

Compact: Less than 0,5L volume, fits in most SFF PC cases, shortened black cable set (clean and easy cable management)

Widely tested: Hundreds of units shipped worldwide, developed since 2018, multiple reviews available online

And more...



Model: ENP 7660B Platinum Series

Power: 600w

Dimension: 150mm(L) * 81.5mm(W) * 40.5mm(H)

On/Off Switches: None

PFC: Active

Fan Size: 40mm (exhaust)

Efficiency: 92% @ 50% loading (80+ Platinum)

Hold-up Time: 16ms @ 75% loading

Safety: CE/FCC/UL/Nemkoo CB/CCC

Protection: OPP/OVP/OCP/OTP/UVP/SCP/No Load Operation


Cables: 1* 20/24pin (250mm), 1* 4+4pin (350mm), 2* 6+2pin PCI Express (250mm + 50mm), 2* SATA (200mm + 100mm)

Customizations (made by Enhance – Safety approved): quiet fan, black shortened cables, dark painted body


Fan Noise and Voltage: ~20dB (@1m distance) and 3.5V until 480w output power; From 480-600w, it ramps up to ~35dB (@1m distance) and 8V

Fan Model: AD0412XB-C51


Input: 100V-240V (voltage); 60/50Hz (frequency); 8A-4A (current)

Output: 600w; 15A (+3.3V); 15A (+5V); 50A (+12V); 0.3A (-12V); 2.5A (5VSB)

DC Voltage Regulation: ±5% (+3.3V, +5V, +12V, 5VSB); ±10% (-12V)


Weight: ~1200g (2.6lb)


What's included: Enhance ENP 7660B Pro custom power supply

Does not include power cord!


If you need a SFF PC case for this PSU, check our new Z-CASE P50 v1.1

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Enhance ENP 7660B Pro (Limited Edition)

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