Z-CASE P50 is an innovative console-style SFF PC case by SFFTEC, manufactured by Jonsbo with premium materials. At 7.9L volume, it's really compact, while fitting the best available hardware with great airflow, flexibility and options. Now improved in version 1.1, stock will be very limited


Lead time: September | Final batch – Only 5 units available!


Product warranty: 180 days


Ps: it’s unlikely that we’ll make another batch after this one is sold out, so it might be the last chance to purchase...



Improvements from v1.0 to v1.1: Two tempered glass options (clear or dark), black USB cable, included feet and 2 sets of glass spacers per case, enhanced quality control, better accessories, increased warranty, and other small fixes


Video review, with thermal testing (Tek Everything)



High quality: 1.5/3mm anodized al., 4mm tempered glass, made by Jonsbo

Small/Portable: Only 7.9L volume, console-style, fits in most 15” backpacks

Powerful: Fits the best available SFF hardware, low noise, great airflow

Flexible/Innovative: Usable in horizontal or vertical positions, various colors to choose, many different hardware options

Widely tested: Hundreds of units shipped worldwide, developed since 2018, 5 prototype revisions, multiple reviews available online, shown at Computex

And more...



Version: 1.1

Dimension (external): 378mm(L) * 291mm(W) * 72mm(H)

7.9 liters volume

Motherboard: Mini ITX

Power Supply: Flex ATX (up to 600w)

Graphics card: Dual slot, up to 285mm length and 146mm width

2,5 slot open air GPU (with 1 set of glass spacers)

2,75 slot open air GPU (with 2 sets of glass spacers)

CPU cooler: up to 40mm height (without glass spacers)

up to 50mm height (1 set of glass spacers recommended)

up to 60mm height (2 sets of glass spacers recommended)

Storage: 5* 2,5” HDDs – 2* above the PSU (up to 15mm height)

3* below the GPU (up to 7mm height)

+ M.2 HDD

Fans: 2* 60mm (up to 25mm thickness)

Front panel: Premium power switch (16mm anti-vandal) + 2* USB 3.0

Materials: 1.5mm anodized aluminum (internal, painted black) + 3mm anod. al. (external, 3 color options) + 4mm tempered glass (clear or dark)

Colors: Red, Black, Silver


Weight: ~4200g (9.2lb)


What's included: Chassis, case stand, ADT PCIe cable, internal power cable extender, USB cable, power switch, screws, standoffs, glass spacers (16mm height – 2 sets), case feet


PSU not included! If needed, check our new Enhance ENP 7660B Pro

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Z-CASE P50 v1.1 (Limited Edition)

Case color
Tempered glass option
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